Confluence Global Capital is a diversified and technology-driven hedge fund.

We seek to marry powerful minds with powerful technology. We engage in a vast array of trading and investment strategies across a multitude of asset classes and geographies.

We actively trade financial instruments on over fifty global exchanges, including equities, energy, metals, grains, FOREX, digital currencies, electricity and equity index futures and options.

Confluence Global Capital was founded upon the belief that innovation, integrity and collaboration drive extraordinary results. People are the keystone of our success. We place enormous value on fostering an intellectually rigorous, collaborative, and fun place to work.

Deep Analysis
Intellectual Curiosity
Extraordinary Returns



Confluence Global Capital is a firm that greatly rewards strong performance. We offer industry- leading compensation for anyone that can achieve extraordinary performance. We firmly believe that the smartest, hardest working and most talented people will be attracted to such a compensation model. We exist to positively impact the lives of our partners. The firm is not operated for the benefit of a single individual or a select group of partners, but for everyone. Decision making is as decentralized as possible. Everyone is treated as a partner and evaluated based on their contribution to shared goals.

Transparency & Integrity

We possess an uncompromising commitment to honesty and accountability in everything that we do. We conduct business transparently and expect our partners to do the same. We win on merit.

People Matter

Our edge is not measured in nano-seconds or petabytes, but in our team. We primarily focus on being a fun, intellectually challenging and rewarding place to work. Our firm is driven by the quality and cohesiveness of the team, which is why we have a thorough interview process where so many of our team members are involved in choosing their colleagues.

Risk Management

We go to great lengths to maximize positive outcomes in our risk management. We actively harvest gains within our portfolio to minimize volatility. We amplify risk where predictive outcomes lay in our favor and mitigate risks that might imperil firm performance.

What we do

The Confluence Global Capital mission is to consistently deliver exceptional returns in all market environments – in total indifference to the business cycle or market climate.


Our portfolio and investment process provides a solution to the problems faced by most investors:

Uncorrelated Returns:

Our strong return profile is uncorrelated to other asset classes. Our expectation is to win no matter the market environment.

Excellent Liquidity:

We seek to deliver strong returns without sacrificing liquidity.

Market Cycle Agnostic:

We aim to deliver strong returns without dressing up market beta as market alpha. We evaluate our performance strictly on an absolute basis, unrelated to any other asset class.

Join Us


Become our partner.

Our employees, managers and investors are partners.

At Confluence, we set out to create the firm at which we dreamed of working:


Offer the tools to accomplish what is needed without inference from management.


Provide a connection to something larger


The ability to work where you choose, when you want and how you want.

Our Team

Strong Leadership

At Confluence Global Capital, our entire team are partners in our mission.

Leaders inspire their partners.
Leaders empower their partners.
Leaders trust their partners.

Executive Team

Andrew Ross

Managing Member

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Craig Gorman


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Brooks Barge


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William Mcintyre


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Stefanie Cheuk


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Len Kunin

Head of Program Trading

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Dr. Dan Ryan

Head of Data Science

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Ryan Carling

Chief Financial Officer

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James Kim


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The Partners Fund

The Confluence Global Capital Partners Fund is a Fund of Funds investing in a highly diversified mix of investment opportunities- hedge funds, venture and growth equity funds, real estate funds, structured products and direct investments in private early stage companies. We invest only in the most talented managers and management teams that offer unique and non-correlated investment opportunities. We believe that these investments will meaningfully outperform the market over their investment lifespans and offer true asymmetric upside.

The Confluence Global Capital partners have committed a significant portion of their personal wealth to this venture, and it will soon be made available to interested parties outside of the firm.

For Investors

Confluence Global Capital will, from time to time, add letters and press articles for our valued Investors in this area. Check back soon for more.

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